PSD Trek offers a range of workshops to small groups around a wide range of topics. These workshops tend to dive into a single focus in one of these areas. Paid Search, Organic Search and Digital / Online Marketing. The workshops are repaeated based on the number of attendees whishing to attend a speific workshop.

We are currently finalising the 2014 workshop topics and applications. If you would like to submit a topic or have something to present feel free to contact us at [email protected]

We will be publishing the full Workshop description along with dates in the month of January so keep an eye out for the updates

Upcoming Topics

Wordpress Optimisation & Security

This workshop will cover a range of widely used theme resources, plugins, mobile/fluid optimisation and some great optimisation tips using Google Tools and various trusted authors in the Wordpress community

An Introduction to Organic Search

The workshop introduces your to the various ways to market to traditional Organic Search while also introducing you to the new world of Organic App Store and Mobile Search.

Paid Search - Adwords

Have you ever wondered how to get your Adwords campaign optimised and how to get your quality scores improved to lower your cost per click? This workshop will elude to some of the best optimisation efforts for the startup account manager.

Mobile Optimisation for Online and App Stores

The world is changing and we need to accept people are moving to their mobile devices. We will cover the basics around each of the major App Stores available today and how each ones functions from a commercial point of view. We will work towards a checklist for those looking to enter the market and start monetising the mobile market space.

Several more Worskop are pending review