Training Events

We have started to take the various contributors to past events and current community members to create a wide range of training opportunities in South Africa for the Digital Marketing Enviroment.

The listing below is quick teaser of what is to come in 2014. The full course details will be disclosed in January and you can already express interest by emailing [email protected].

Upcoming Training Events

Social Media Engagement

We will cover the basics of several big social media platforms and explain the diffirences in how people use and interact on them. Based on the criteria for each platform we will then illustrate which campaigns have been successful in each locallaly and internationally by highlighting the success factors for each.

Onsite SEO is Back

It has long been the view that links of the sole source of rankings, but recent changes are placing more and more emphasis on the quality of your website and how it behave and then looking at the links. There are many new trick in terms of optimisation of your website, hosting, code and loads more that is now playing a massive roole in rnakings.

Paid Search Platforms

We will go through each of the major Paid Search platforms and highlight the basic functionality and important management features for each. The Event is aimed to get campaign manager comfortable with multiple platforms in order to more effectively market their clients

Getting into the App Stores

We workshops will cover the basic app creation process for Apple Store, Google Play, Blackberry and the Windows Store. We will highlight the rules, guidelines and audiance for each so you can drive your app strtegy using multiple vehicles

Online / Mobile Security

We constantly face threats for hackers, poorly written code, bas hsoting/server and an almsot endless list of risk. The event will highlight the msot common concerns and show you how to setup yout initial defenses against them

Link Building and Guidelines

We will give you a basic overview of several tools, and analysis concepts you need to effectively manage your website/app and gain the maximum exposures. We will cover the big dos and donts and get you thinking about how to optimise your campaigns