About PSD Trek South Africa

PSD Trek South Africa started in 2007 with a couple of online enthusiasts getting together to pool their collective resources into research and development of the online industry. It started with a major focus on SEO and how to effectively rank diffirent kinds of niches in the top page on Google.

Over the years the community grew as we involved more experts in our the tests and optimisation efforts. In recent years we have added a focus on the Paid Search, Social Search & Engagement, Mobile Consumption and most aspects of Digital Marketing.

In the last year PSD Trek has tested closed conferences to an invitation only group, workshops hosted by our affiliated experts and training events in the Paid Search, Security, Search & Digital Arenas. These are all offered with focus on online, mobile and social reach and engagement.

We have decided that we would like to extend our reach and the only way to achieve this effectively is to make PSD Trek accessible to everyone. To launch our first public conference evetn tour we have gathered 2 Ex-Googlers who worked with Matt Cutts in the Google Team, as well as a leading OWASP Expert.

We have already launched our PSD Trek Community Engage Program where we offer contious insights, updates, tips and reviews on all major changes in our industry.

One of the best new initiatives have been the Expert combined testing and learning collaborations. Here we define a number of diffirent tests and we work together in the PSD Community to combine our findings and share learnings in a structured and measurable way. These findings feed into our PSD Community and all members benefit from the combined findings.

We would like to welcome all new members, participants and industry leaders to join us in setting up valuable events to drive the South African Digital Industry to the top.

In the near future we will be offering more specialised services by doing group-on type deals with various suppliers in the industry and bringing you these grewat discounted rates and services.

PSD Trek is proud to have now opened their doors all anyone who wants to join and we wish all our current and new members a warm welcome.

PSD Trek Team